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Black is a search engine, which donates 20% of its net profits, to the following social causes, within the black community:
Micro Loans:
Periodically, we host college scholarships competitions via our website. You may sign up to be notified of our upcoming competitions.
Business Grants:
We are committed to increasing the total number of businesses and entrepreneurs with the minority community. If you are interested in a business grant, please sign up to be notified of our upcoming grant competitions.
Recycle The Dollar:
We are committed, to circulating the dollar within the African American & minority community at a greater rate. By doing so, we will see increased jobs and more wealth creation, within communities hit hardest, by the Great Recession.

"This is why it’s so important to click on a BlackLink in our search results, prior to visiting the website merchant."

"When you click on a BlackLink icon, a donation will often times be made towards our social causes. Other times, you are simply doing business with a black owned company and by doing so you are benefiting the overall community."

If you don’t see blacklinks in the search results, then you might want to change your search term, so that another merchant pops up, who sells the product you are interested in purchasing.

For example, if you search for "internet marketing services" and no black links pop up, then alter your search to include "African American internet marketing services" and then see if any firms with a blacklink appear in the search results.

If you are a minority business owner, then click here and sign up for your free blacklink. Your business will be listed at the top of our search results, whenever the search results are relevant at no charge to you. This is completely free, for a limited time, until our free bandwidth runs out.
Become A Member:
Take action and set as your home page.

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