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Where do your search results come from?
We have developed both our own spider and our results come from Yahoo. We have also developed an algorithm to improve your search experience further with Blacklinks and BlackLink ads.
How Does Black Results Empower Me?
Black Results offers you the opportunity to harness the tremendous buying power of African Americans and use it to the greater good within minority communities all over the world.

You will be empowered because you help us in our mission to spread the wealth within the global Black community by supporting our cause. Black Results generates income when visitors use our search engine and then click on the BlackLink LIstings and BlackLink Ads. We will then donate 20% of our net profits towards scholarships, grants, and micro loans within the African American community and sub Sahara Africa.

Also, by visiting the Black businesses that are shown on our search engine, you are empowering those businesses and participating in the circulation of the Black dollar within our communities.

You make it possible for students to finish school. You make it possible for businesses to open their doors, expand their brand, and hire more minorities. You make it possible for families in rural Africa to lift themselves out of poverty and start a business.

Naturally, you benefit yourself and your community at large by using for your internet search needs.
Why should I choose Black Results over another Search Engine?
Visitors that come to our search engine can support the Black community while receiving the quality search results they deserve. Our search engine is powered with the Yahoo! world class technology, so visitors will get the same high quality online search experience they would get at other leading search engines. However, our search engine has the added bonus of showcasing Black businesses by way of BlackLink listings and BlackLink ads.

Also, we are the only major search engine that has committed 20% of our net profits to investing in the African American Community.
How can I support Black Results?
There are multiple ways that you may support our cause.

First make Black Results your home page and set Black Results as your default browser.

Second, shop at merchants that display a BlackLink listing in the search results.

Third, purchase BlackLink listings and BlackLink Ads.

Lastly, please tell your friends and family about Black Results.

Please click on the following links to share via Email, Facebook or Twitter:

Thank you for your support!
How Do I Make Black Results My Home Page?
How does Black Results earn money?
Black Results has two primary sources of income: BlackLink Listings, which are highlighted in yellow, and BlackResults Ads, which are sponsored by Yahoo and appear at the top of the search results. When you click on a BlackLink, and make a purchase with that participating merchant, they pay us a small transaction fee. We also earn revenue by allowing ads to be displayed at the top of our search results. These ads are sponsored by Yahoo!

We also earn listing fees through our BlackLink Ads, which appear to the right of our search results.
What are BlackLink Ads?
BlackLink Ads are ads that display above search results on Black Results. These ads are text links, to websites (i.e. businesses), which pay for each click by users. These ads are delivered by Yahoo!, who pays a share of the revenue generated via these ads.

We use this income to provide scholarships, business grants, and micro loans in the African American and global Black Community.

In other circumstances, we sell paid ads directly which are displayed on the right.
Can I support Black Results by randomly clicking on BlackLink Ads?
Thank you for your interest and zeal in our ads and cause. However, we ask that you please search with integrity and only click on ads in which you are genuinely interested in the product or service offered. Any arbitrary clicks could harm the advertiser and possibly have an adverse affect on Black Results.

There are algorithms active to detect fake clicks and invalidate them to protect our clients and participating businesses.
What are Black Links?
BlackLinks are listings by businesses who want to support the Black community and our cause. We have developed a unique algorithm, which causes BlackLinks to be displayed at the top of any relevant search results.

We offer FREE BlackLink listings to African American and minority business owners. These listings will enable your business to gain major search engine exposure for your business.

If you are a black business owner, click here to apply for a FREE BlackLink listing. Your listing will be featured at the top of our search results page, whenever the search terms are relevant to your business. Your BlackLink is absolutely free with no hidden fees.

BlackLink listings are also awarded to non-minority owned companies. We show Black Link listings from some of your favorite stores such as Amazon, Nordstrom, Target and many more. These companies represent 90% of the top 500 internet retailers, as well as 18,000 additional retailers, through our affiliate partnerships. If you would like to see a partial list of more retailers, please click here.

To shop at these retailers, you and the visitors would only need to search for your purchase and click on the retailer’s BlackLink listing within the search results.

The participating businesses where you made your purchases will pay Black Results a small transaction fee from your purchase at no extra cost to you.

BlackLink listings are highlighted in yellow and these merchants have been awarded the distinguished BlackLink symbol on each listing in the search results, because of their impact within our community.

The revenues we generate enable us to donate monies towards our scholarships and grants in the African American & minority community through our partnership with Kiva. If you would like to know more information, please click here. You must click through these listings on our search engine, prior to shopping with these merchants, to ensure that a donation will be made towards our social cause.

If you would like to apply for a BlackLink Website Listing click here. It’s FREE for a limited time until our bandwidth is full.
Do I have to click through a BlackLink every time I buy something?
Yes! Please remember that you have to click through the specific BlackLink every time you buy something online, in order for it to count towards Black Results income.

Otherwise, your purchase could be improperly tracked which could result in a lost of a donation.
How did you come up with the BlackLink symbol?
The BlackLink symbol is the heart shaped symbol in combination with the letter "BR". It comes from the West African Wisdom System of Adinkra. It’s the symbol of "Onyankopon Adom Nti Biribiara Beye Yie". This symbol represents faith, providence, hope and the truth we intend to experience and make known. Blacklink listings are highlighted in yellow within our search results.
I don't see a BlackLink for my purchase. What can I do?
If you are using to search for a particular product and no BlackLinks are appearing, then try using a more specific search terms. This could increase the likelihood of more webs shops and BlackLinks being revealed.

For example, if you are searching for "internet marketing services" and no BlackLinks are revealed, then try using the term "African American Internet Marketing Services" to generate more BlackLinks.
I'm a Business Owner. How can I advertise on Black Results?
You have the option to display a Black Results Keyword Ad and it will appear to the right side of our search results. You may also display a Black Results Banner Ad on our home page and search results page. For more information about advertising on Black Results, please click here.
How does Black Results donate money to the Black Community?
We have committed 20% of our net profits towards scholarships and business grants within the African American community and micro loans in rural Africa through a partnership with the Kiva Foundation. Learn more.
Why did Black Results choose to work with the Kiva Foundation?
We chose this organization so that we can maintain maximum transparency with the public with regards to our social donations and because 100% of the monies donated through the Kiva Foundation are used towards the micro loans that we designate.
How does Black Results handle my privacy and my personal information?
We intend to maintain a site which is 100% data-private. We do not sell or rent any data and we do not store any of your data from your search queries.

We believe your individual data is yours and yours alone. And the policies of our independent partners may differ from our own. We are required to send some data (e.g. your IP address or browser type) to our search partner Yahoo!; who may analyze this data.

Naturally, we are committed to your privacy and also to improving Black Results privacy situation on an on-going basis.